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Digital Paintings / Computer Paintings

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Overview 1
Overview 2
Overview 3
Overview 4 (with works from 1967 - 1970) and modifications as jpg files (2011)
Overview 5
Overview 6
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Overview 8
Sculptures overview (2009)
Fotos overview

All pictures exist as a jpg file and are meant to be printed in accordance to the technical possibillities on papers of the highest quality and glewed on or worked out on for example cardboard, forex, foam, MDF, dibond or aluminium. Further more they can be coated or worked out with plexiglas. They even can be made weather proof. Naturally the pictures also can be printed on canvas or other materials. If you just want to buy the JPG file it will be the basis of a contract together with an unicat guarantee and all copyrights. The price of a JPG file can differ strongly depending on the choosen picture and its resolution. So if you are interested please send me an email.
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