DCArt - Solo exhibition Immo Jalass at the Carl Benz Cloud University

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Solomon Walker commenting on Immo Jalass: Immo Jalass is an autodidact; a self-taught extraordinary creative artist, whose vast body of captivating artwork journeys through several fertile decades, touching on nearly all the major art movements of the 20th century. And, given all that, the most surprising thing about Immo's artistic output is, that the work remains unique and totally Immo Jalass, even in this early dawn of the 21st century. Teamed with an enthusiastic curiosity that fuels his vision, his creative input and output is tremendous. He is a thoughtful and generous being, who is always ready to share his knowledge and to lend assistance to his fellows. I highly recommend Immo Jalass for any artistic endeavours he pursues or that are proposed for him; and of course, I highly support and recommend his artist work to buyers and collectors at all levels.

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