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Marco de Piaggi: "... In his bewildered landscapes Jalass captures the grandeur of the space between the speed of light and the perpetual change and through the computer he freezes and crystallizes this vision into an image that takes on aspects of meditation and contemplation, or to put it in the words of the artist into "images that rest in the movement”. The use of the computers is fundamental in this process of crystallization of the speed and the change (or "carpe diem"). Unlike canvas and oil paint the computer allows the creation and variation of many images in a very fast speed. Jalass is always in search of landscapes that contain or at least make you presume "totality": the total image that can awake in the viewer associations of omnipresence (ubiquity). The search for an image that contains and sustains all the images is the goal of Jalass and even though this is, according to the artist, a "a pure ideal impossible to realize" we remain with the “partial” images as a documentation of a valuable artistic and meditative research." Read on ...

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